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A career in medicine is one that is extremely rewarding but comes with high demand and numerous challenges. Medicine is the ticket to a lifelong of learning, serving others and adding value to society. Applying to Medical school can be very daunting as it’s a complicated process which requires careful consideration of various factors. The process begins when you feel the spark to pursue a career as a doctor. After that, it’s a combination of dedication, careful planning, research and most importantly ensuring you achieve the best possible grades for a seat at medical school.


Applying for medical school is extremely competitive with competition not just nationally but internationally too - it’s a game that must be played correctly with careful strategies. At JC tuition we’ve got you covered! We’ve got a team of top achieving students from outstanding medical schools in the nation providing information, support and inside tips and tricks on what admissions tutors are looking for. For more information have a look below at our fantastic courses at affordable prices giving you everything you need to build a successful application for medical school!

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Get Into Medical School Crash Course

The whole medical school application is very daunting and confusing. We’ve made everything very simple for you in our two hour online crash course delivering everything you need to know if you’re thinking about applying to medical school! We will be providing Information on what the world of medicine looks like, what makes a good doctor, the application process broken down thoroughly, top tips on writing a good personal statement and how to build a successful application! 


Panel Interview Workshop

The interview stage of the application process is crucial - it is your time to shine and prove to the admissions tutors that you deserve that seat. Most medical schools will conduct a panel interview with a combination of admissions tutors and a medical student. Our mock online interview workshop, including a 1-to-1 interview with top medical students followed by individual feedback and general tips and tricks for excelling in Medical School interviews. The mock interview will be tailored to you with questions based on your personal statement (we will ask you to submit your personal statement prior to the workshop) and will also include some general questions asked by most medical schools to best equip you for the interview stage. 


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) Workshop

An MMI is a very different style of interview assessing various key competencies and skills that are expected of a doctor. In our mock online MMI workshop we will be conducting an MMI simulation circuit with popular MMI questions introducing you to some common styles of questions including, data interpretation, breaking bad news and ethical scenarios for example. Each station will be unique and you will receive individual feedback after each station and general feedback at the end of the workshop. Our workshop is led by top medical students who will be giving you top tips to excel in an MMI! 



Key Dates:

  • Get Into Medical School Crash Course - 16/01/21

  • Panel Interview Workshop - 16/01/21

  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Workshop - 23/01/21

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