Study tips

Is it possible to do all the enjoyable things you like to do and still achieve TOP grades? The answer is YES. But you must have the right efficient strategies in place so you don't spend all day reading books!

Click on the button below to view scientific-based study techniques that are guaranteed to get you the top grades!




ANKI is the best flashcard app out there to practice active recall and space repetition and is guaranteed to improve your grades significantly! Watch the following playlist where I take you from an ANKI beginner to a master in 5 short episodes.

Math Formulas

 maths tutorials

Maths can be very conceptually difficult for many students. Here at JC Tuition we like to keep maths easy! Click the button below to view our playlist where we cover tricky mathematics topics.



Biological concepts have never been easy to get your head around. Here at JC Tuition we explain each topic so that it is straight forward, so that you can apply it and ace your exams! View the playlist below to watch us cover tricky biological concepts.

Lab Experiments



Chemistry is all about understanding atoms, elements, ions and compounds down to their atomic level and can be difficult to comprehend for many students. Fear not - here at JC Tuition we make chemistry seem like a walk in the park!

Newton's Pendulum



Physics concepts can be harrowing for many students. Our videos can make Physics far less scary. Let us help you smash those Physics exams!

Analyzing Scans


The medical degree is infamous for it's challenging concepts and high volume workload. Our videos condense all of the junk into short, consumable videos! Watch these videos if you want to smash your medical exams and become an excellent doctor!

Open Textbook in Library


Writing fluently and analysing text is not a skill that comes easily to a lot of students. Click below to view our video tutorials on English Language and Literature topics.